Marin Republican Women Federated

Luncheon Meeting, Wednesday, May 24th

11:30am – 1:00pm

The Club Restaurant, McInnis Park, 350 Smith Ranch Rd, San Rafael

Paul Premo

Speaker:   Debbie Bacigalupi, Senior Editor, Technocracy News

Topic:       Someone Is Taking Away Your Way Of Life    

If you believe that, what will you do about it? Does it involve your county supervisors and city council members? Debbie Bacigalupi is a California cattle rancher who is quite familiar with the questionable way the government relates to rural America.  She is noted for her educational lectures on current issues regarding rampant government intrusion into the American citizens’ way of life. She brings a unique perspective as she amplifies the meaning and progress of the Global Action Plan, “Agenda 2030”, and “Agenda 21”. She will bring us up to date on Sustainable Development, Regionalism, Cap-n -Trade (AB32 and SB375), water and water rights, property rights, dams, renewable energy, land use, conservation, agriculture, ranching and farming issues, and environmental treaties in the Western states. She will present what is happening in America right now and how an aggressive environmental policy is harming American citizens, specifically in rural America. Debbie serves as a senior editor of Technocracy News. She is their expert on Agenda 21/ Agenda 2030, the United Nations initiative which is being aggressively promoted in our country, state and county.  She will share her understanding of the overarching plan to return millions of acres of productive agricultural land to a wilderness state by driving ranchers off their property and cutting off water supplies to key farming areas.

Joanne Dufficy, 1st VP Programs and Kit Mitchell-Ball, Programs Committee 

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