Marin Republican Women Federated

Luncheon Meeting, Wednesday, May 25th

11:30am – 1:30pm

Spinnaker Restaurant, 100 Spinnaker Drive, Sausalito, CA

Speaker: Joe Tassone, Instructor in Global Studies, Economics, and Theology- Marin Catholic High School

Topic: Victims of ISIS. The US response to Assyrian/Chaldean Refugees From War Torn Syria and Iraq.

  Joe Tassone will speak about ISIS amid the continuing Middle East conflict the refugee and migrant crisis it is generating and explain how he raised over $25,000 to help them. Joe teaches AP Economics, Global Studies, and Theology at Marin Catholic High School and, in addition, he holds a real estate license. In 1989, after Ronald Reagan’s presidency, when the Berlin Wall fell, Joe felt compelled to see the freed people behind the Iron Curtain and learn about other nations in the world. He traveled across Russia on the Trans Siberian Railway after the collapse of communism in 1993. He toured the demilitarized zone in Korea and gained a first-hand understanding of the problem of communism from his experiences.

  Today, Joe’s background makes him uniquely able to respond to the refugee crisis we are witnessing. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus, a men’s Catholic service organization, and he maintains a website of conservative articles www.theintelligentconservative.com. He will speak about how he mobilized the Marin Catholic High School community and local community, to make a difference by raising money and awareness of the plight of the persecuted Middle East indigenous Christians and to support their local Bay Area community. It was at the urging of the Knights of Columbus that their situation was officially declared a “genocide”.                

                                        Joanne Dufficy, First Vice-President, Programs

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